Sunday, June 28, 2009

GDB 7 will bring major improvements

According to GDB and Debian Developer Daniel Jacobowitz, GDB 7 will bring major improvements:

Improvements mentioned are:
  • Support for understanding inlined functions -- that is, you will actually be able to step in, through and out of them, and get backtraces that include inlined functions!
  • Support for pretty-printing STL containers etc!
  • Python scripting.
So it appears that this release will be a great one. It's slated for this fall.

Oh, and on another sidenote -- I must promote cgdb again, it simplifies debugging with gdb a lot. It will also benefit from these improvements. It could be that it could need a feature or two to make these new features easier to use (python scripting, perhaps?). Sadly, upstream of cgdb appears to be quite dead; no release since 2007.

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